Evan Munemura

Radius Health

Choosing a physician is a major decision. There are huge differences in quality of care and interactions among different physicians. RadiusHealth addresses a major societal need: how to find the best physician in your area. Currently there are insufficient resources to find information about physicians. Those that exist lack completeness and transparency. The small amount of existing resources provides few credible metrics for doctors because of the low number of patients participating and biased reviews.

Radius Health is a web application tool for patients and family members to write comments on physicians. Comments include a written section for describing personal experiences and a 1-5 rating system. What differentiates from competing physician search platforms is the mobile-first design approach of applying the tools for mobile devices. It follows the approach of minimalistic aesthetics that translates between different contexts of screens. The motivation for this originated with the idea of smart devices becoming more ubiquitous in recent times. Optimizing the system for mobile devices increases traffic and accessibility for patients; providing the freedom to write at any convenient moment.

Design Phase
Desktop Views
Mobile View