Evan Munemura


When you first open up Google Chrome, you are met with a compilation of websites you normally visit. More often than not, you’re greeted by the icons representing Facebook, Reddit, Youtube, or your favorite news site. Although this feature allows for easy access, it doesn’t help if you’re trying to be productive, and that’s where ProductiVision comes into play. ProductiVision is a Google Chrome extension to initialize a productive environment when adding a new tab to the browser.

The main goal of ProductiVision is to improve the user’s workflow and avoid distractions. The extension will be used to encourage users to go straight to work by showing them a dashboard that will include productivity-related elements, such as a configurable set of links, a to-do list, and a planner. Alternatively, however, the user also has the option to customize new tabs to whatever is most convenient for them.

The dashboard will always display the time and date in the center of the page. Configuring favorite URLs can be customized to any category of websites. Users can simply enter the title and link of the web page then add the bookmark with a click of "add". The to-do list is a list of user-defined tasks. Tasks are incremented upon submission in the text field, and decremented after each click on the check-box. The planner is a schedule of upcoming events. Past prototyping, the schedule will link to the user’s Google Calendar, and enable tabbing between day, week, and month views.