Evan Munemura

UCI OpenCourseWare

Since it's launch in 2006, the UCI OpenCourseWare continues to freely provide learning resources to the public. Now primarily using Youtube as the platform for hosting lectures by UCI professors, UCI OCW platform establishes a learning environment similar to a UCI student experience. If you are not sure what an OpenCourseWare is, to put it simply, it's an open educational resource providing course materials, syllabi, lecture notes, assignments and assessments to a general public. They do not provide certification or degree credit for completing course lectures; the materials are just made available for no charge. My job title was "OpenCourseWare Assistant" during my time there, and I was always thankful for the department for always giving me a project to contribute in.

During my time at UCI Extension, my goal everyday was to share myperspective as a UCI student with the world. When the time came for new projects, I was brought on to expand the existing system for learners of all backgrounds.

My role was to make the site usable. As an assistant, I was regularly tasked reply to UCI OCW email while also contributing to active projects. As unimpactful as it sounds, I used this role to help understand who our users really were. I had direct communication with our audience, and it made me really realize just how diverse these students of learning were. Most reasons for users learning were reviewing for upcoming exams (i.e. CSET or MCAT) and courses at their schools, but some other users also wanted to learn for personal interest (with some hope to receive credit).

The multiple projects I have was apart of were a mix between front-end and back-end roles.For the front-end, I was responsible to improving some of the interfaces and the user experience. For the back-end, I primarily monitored, stored and extracted data from data drives. I also had to produce a protoype for back-end users at one point. Some of the designs I prototyped still show to this day. If you like to see what interfaces I worked on, view the images below or go visit the UCI OpenCourseWare site.